​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Titus Poplawski born in Wroclaw March 3, 1972.  Holds an MA degree in Architecture from the University of Wroclaw.  Currently resides in Wroclaw, Poland. His major avenue of artistic expression is people, especially in portraits, nudes, and fine art. He holds a degree in architecture and order and composition are distinct elements of his photography. His work can be divided into two parts: analogue and digital photography, currently focused on analog photography.
Many times appreciated in international competitions, among others;
_ND 25th, November 2018 - Awarded with title “ND Fine Art Discovery Of The Year 2018”, 1st place in Fine Art: Nudes  2nd place in People.  
_IPA 28th October 2018, NY - 1st Place in Advertising/Other, 
_FAPA 15th April 2018, London - 1st place in Nudes - Fine Art Photography Awards 
_Tokyo International Foto Awards, Tokyo December 2018 - “Bronze winner” 
_Portret Prawdziwy, Polska 2019 - 2nd place 
_IPA  2020, NY - 1st and 2nd Place in Professional Analog/Film, Portrait.
_Hornet Photo Awards, Poled 2020 - 1st Place in Portrait

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